Cork 2005
Labyrinths - Pathways of Light

‘Labyrinths - Pathways of Light’ took place in Cork City
between Thursday, December 15th - Wednesday,
December 21st, 2005 as part of the closing ceremonies
marking Cork as European Capital of Culture.

This was a unique opportunity for schools, Churches, community groups and businesses around the city to design, construct and facilitate a series of labyrinths. During the week  labyrinths were placed in numerous of city centre locations – indoor and outdoor, where the public were invited to discover, walk and experience the labyrinth.

Great credit must go to Niall Horgan, Event Director, and his team for putting together this event.

Here is a selection of some of the labyrinths that I had the pleasure of experiencing.

Mount Mercy

This was one of the most moving labyrinth on view.  Located in the Unitarian Church in Princes Street, it contained wishes from hundreds of students in Mount Mercy Girls Secondary School.  Some of which were really from the heart.  I hope averyones's wish was granted.

City Hall

You know that Labyrinths have arrived in Cork when one is hanging over the front door of the City Hall

Double Spiral

This double spiral was set up in Bishop Lucey Park.  Constructed of candles in white paper bags

Ogra Corcaigh

Constructed of wooden blocks in a modified seven circuit classical labyrinth.  Over 150 children walked this labyrinth carrying a lantern which they placed along the path.  The whole labyrinth was used to symbolise UNICEF's Millennium Goals that were represented by bowls of water into which the walkers dropped coloured stones raise awarenessof education, hunger, poverty, etc.


Semi-circular labyrinth, wall hanging

Potato Labyrinth

How Irish can you get?!


Terry Tuit on Five Circuit Chartres Type

This five circuit chartres type labyrinth was laid out in the Unitaritarian Church in Princes Street.  Those of privileged to experience Terry's sacred music took something special from the performance.


De Banks

Located at the junction of the South Mall and the Grand Parade, this seven circuit classical labyrinth had the words of Cork's anthem 'the Banks of my own Lovely Lee' written around it.  I was lucky enough to walk this several times.  On one occasion I was informed by a passer-by that...  'It's a DEAD END!

Chartres Labyrinth from Omagh
Located on the Firkin Crane on the Saturday, a most powerful and peaceful setting was created by the labyrinth that I was lucky enough to experience twice in the one day.

Hopi 'Mother and Child' (Tápu'at)

This labyrinth caused some bewilderment to some as it is in effect two labyrinths in one.  It was located at the junction of the South Mall and Parnell Bridge.

Three Circuit Clasical

This small labyrinth was located on North Main Street

Projected Light Labyrinth

One of a number of light labyrinths projected onto the main street, Patrick Street

Emmet Place House

A medieval labyrinth ten circuit labyrinth that was located right outside the city's Opera House


A seven circuit classical labyrinth outside the entrance to Bishop Lucey park on the city's Grand Parade


Rope Light Labyrinth

This rope light albyrinth was created at the entrance to the Art Gallery


Tapestry labyrinth

This tapestry labyrinth was displayed in the City Library


Star Labyrinth

A labyrinth in the shape of a star located in Rory Gallagher Place.  It was based on the spiral.  Some of the turns were quite sharp and I found walking it a dizzying experience.

Three Circuit Classical variation
This small labyrinth was located st the top of the steps to St Mary's

All photos by Tony Christie  
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