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Labyrinth Wisdom Workshops

Upcoming Events:

1. Loughan House, Co Longford
Labyrinth Workshop;
    Sat 8th July, 10:00 - 17:00

2. Glore Mill, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo
Labyrinth Workshop;
    19th August, 10:00 - 17:00

3.  'Labyrinth Wisdom Workshop
     De Schaapshoeve, Langenboom,
     The Netherlands
     Sat 16 September, 2017

Tony is now available for talks, workshops, seminars and other engagements on a range of labyrinth topics including the Labyrinth Wisdom Cards.
Access your
inner wisdom
Answers to
Life's Questions
Participants will take away a unique experience of the wisdom and power of the labyrinth as a tool for transformation. You will also learn a number of techniques for enhancing your experience with the labyrinth. You will have the knowledge of how to draw and make a classical labyrinth so that you can create your own labyrinth at home and continue to work with the labyrinth.

Those present will also take away with them the tools to continue using the labyrinth as a tool for personal and spiritual insights; and their unique experience of interacting with the labyrinth energy at this event.
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