Labyrinth and Church of St Lawrence,
Rathmore, Co Meath, Ireland

Located a few miles outside Athboy on the road to Navan, the church is accessed across a field from the roadside.

The church is dedicated to St Lawrence, and was built by Sir Thomas Plunkett in the first half of the 15th century. 

The labyrinth was found on the floor of the church and later mounted on the walland The labyrinth is of a similar design to many found in medieval churches around Europe.
It is approximately fourteen inches in diameter.  The path is raised, and although damaged in places, it is still possible to trace the path to the centre

A tomb with sculptures  of Sir Thomas and his wife, Marion Cruise, has been re-erected inside the sacristy

There are two towers at two corners of the church: one was a bell tower and the other had living space for a priest.

A cross to the north of the church was erected in 1519 by Sir Christopher Plunkett and his wife Catherine.  It is not complete, but it has carvings of St Lawrence, St Patrick, an abbess and some vine leaves.

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All photos: Tony Christie
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