Labyrinth Services

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Labyrinth Design:
Whether you are an individual, organisation, school or public body, I am available to design, give guidance, and arrange construction of your labyrinth.  In particular I will:
?  Advise on what labyrinth best suits your needs and site available
            ? Permanent or temporary design
            ? Indoor or outdoor
            ? We can design or adapt a labyrinth pattern for the needs of the                       
                         particular site and situation.
       ? Determine where is the best place to locate your labyrinth, dowsing where      
          necessary to find the optimal location and orientation.
       ? Select the best type of materials to use to build your labyrinth
       ? Project manage the installation of your labyrinth

School Labyrinth Services:
We particularly like working with schools as a labyrinth can enhance both the physical appearance and general atmosphere of any school.  In addition to labyrinth design our school service includes:
? Presentations to teachers to include:
? History of labyrinths
? Benefits of labyrinths for school children - and teachers!
? How to draw, make and use finger labyrinths and full size labyrinths.
? Facilitation of workshops for gaining the full benefits from your labyrinths
? Training of teachers in all aspects of the labyrinth

Labyrinth Presentations & Lectures:
Lectures and presentations on whatever aspects of the labyrinth most interest you or your organization can be arranged.  Some areas covered by these presentations include:
? The history of labyrinths
? Mythology of labyrinths
? Types of labyrinths
? How to draw labyrinths
? Uses of the labyrinth
? How labyrinths are being used in diverse contemporary settings

Wherever possible presentations and lectures will include a labyrinth walk.  However, for the full benefit of the labyrinth, it is best to do a workshop.

Workshop Facilitation:
Workshops can be designed to suit your particular context and occasion.  As well as giving the history and mythology associated with the labyrinth, the workshop will be mainly an experiential processes using labyrinth walking, finger-tracing, story-telling, journaling, poetry, meditation, and play.  The workshop will include laying and walking a labyrinth together, as well as learning the basic guidelines for creating your own personal labyrinth.

While workshops generally take place indoors, they can take place in almost any location and also work very well outdoors in woods or on the beach (weather permitting).  Walking a landscape labyrinth can be an extra special experience as one has the added benefit of communing with nature.

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Labyrinth Mentoring & Coaching:
One on one and small group coaching regarding labyrinth making, use, and group facilitation is available. 
If you wish, I can also provide private consultations where you can explore how you can work with the labyrinth or further develop your experience.

While it is relatively straightforward to draw a classical labyrinth, other types and in particular the leading of groups in a labyrinth experience can be more involved and complex.  As a Trained Labyrinth Facilitator with Veriditas, (an organization in San Fransisco whose work centers around the Labyrinth Experience as a personal practice for healing and growth, a tool for community building, an agent for global peace and a metaphor for life) I can provide the special knowledge and expertise required for your labyrinth situation.

Labyrinth Art:
If you are looking for artwork containing labyrinth, some works are available.  Also, artwork can be commissioned to produce a labyrinth piece to suit your particular requirements.  For more information and specific requests please contact us