Labyrinth Workshops
Our labyrinth workshops revolve around using the labyrinth as a tool for self discovery, for healing, and for accessing our inner wisdom.

A typical workshop includes:

* How to use labyrinths as a tool for self-discovery
* History and mythology of labyrinths
* Types of labyrinths
* How to draw a labyrinth
* Making and using finger labyrinths
* How to make your own labyrinth
* Labyrinth meditation
* The symbolism in the labyrinth
* Using the labyrinth to access your inner wisdom
* Experiencing labyrinth walking on a labyrinth

What people said about our workshops:

"Thanks a million for an mind opening day.  I feel really calm & content in tune with the elements."  Antoinette

"Great day for me.  Rewarding and relaxing" Shirley

"It was a present for myself.  A wonderful day, a new way of walking in life... in myself."  Montserrat

I feel a great peace in me now."  Lisa
We have a workshop to suit you.  Whether you are looking for a labyrinth walk, more information about labyrinths, or want to immerse yourself in the wonder and mystery of the labyrinth for a whole day, our workshops will meet your needs.
Meditating on Beach Labyrinth
Making Finger labyrinths
Masking Tape Labyrinth
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